After many evenings, hours and cities spent together dreaming about the future over wine, laughter and great music, Bien Marché was created.

 Husband and wife team, Mitch and Beckie Bortner want to develop a curated collection of goods that emulate the lifestyle they want to live-modern, timeless, clean, sustainable, functional, and beautiful.

 Both having a soft spot for Paris (their honeymoon destination), that entered into the equation when choosing a business name. They knew in their hearts it should include their initials (B+M), but also be French. Et voila….Bien Marché. Together they are known as the Gemini Nomads, raising 4 kids and a dog as part of their crazy lives—but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

 Bien Marché is a nod to the element of serendipity at play in their lives. Loosely translated from French as “well done” or “it worked out nicely,” the Bortners intend to source unique and hand-crafted items from all over the world, then create what they can’t find. The goal is to build a business that celebrates diversity while supporting artists worldwide—and “outdreaming” themselves at the same time.

 As they say, “bien fait.”